Below are a few projects and products I maintain. If you have questions, let me know. Bug reports should go through the individual project pages (usually GitHub).

Dart Class Diagram Generator – A tool that can generate a UML diagram in various formats (including PlantUML) automatically from a Dart codebase.

Missoula Tech – An effort to improve communication and collaboration within the technology community in Missoula, MT.

Neo4j.jl – A Julia language driver library for the Neo4j graph database. Pretty simple, but also stable.

Pseudo Pins (available for Chrome) – A browser extension that allows you to use simple rules to automatically sort your browser tabs. For example, at work I have it set up to move all pull requests over to the left so that I can find them easily.

Sooner or Later (available for Chrome and Firefox) – A browser extension that helps you maintain a list of pages or articles you’d like to read in the future. I found that I forgot about bookmarks and ended up keeping dozens of browser tabs open just to keep track of things I wanted to read later. This extension helped me solve that problem.