I’m George. I’m a software engineer, recovering economist, and occasional teacher. I have interest in a variety of topics in computing, economics, and politics.

In particular, I’m interested in evolutionary computation, simulation, unique and different programming languages, and software quality. I want to write a game that exercises some of these interests someday.

In the past I studied and taught economics. My MA thesis consisted of econometric estimates of the informal economy in Latin America. It also included a chapter comparing different methods using Chile as a case study, which was interesting given its dramatic currency history. I’m one of the weirdos behind The Economics of Seinfeld. My undergraduate degree is in Political Science and, while I probably haven’t “used” the degree in the normal sense, I feel that the experience vastly improved my life.

I studied abroad twice in college (summer school in both cases), once in Latvia, at Vidzeme University-College, and once in Estonia, at Tartu University. The Baltic countries are wonderful, I highly recommend a visit.

A while back I lived in Santiago, Chile, where a friend and I participated in Startup Chile.

Right now I live in Missoula, Montana.

In addition to my professional interests I enjoy hiking, camping, and cycling. I collect vintage computer hardware (eventually I’m going to display it in some way). I am also the proud papa of a wonderful little black cat named Nutma.

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