About Me

I’m George. I’m a software developer and graduate student in computer science.

I’m currently studying neutrality in evolutionary networks. I am building, along with my adviser, an implementation of Cartesian Genetic Programming for the Julia programming language, CGP.jl as well as a library for working with NK fitness landscapes, also for Julia, NK.jl. You can read my thesis (as it is written) as well.

Apart from evolutionary computation, I am interested in distributed systems, functional programming (particularly Elixir), and unique and different programming languages. Lately I’ve been playing around with Nim and I have had an on-again off-again relationship with Scheme for awhile now, Guix might just be the catalyst that pushes me into Lisp land. I also have experience building products on top of graph databases such as Neo4j. At work, I mostly write front-end code using Dart. I’ve previously worked in Python, JavaScript, Java, and a smattering of other languages.

In the past I studied and taught economics. My MA thesis consisted of econometric estimates of the informal economy in Latin America. It also included a chapter comparing different methods using Chile as a case study, which was interesting given its dramatic currency history. I’m one of the weirdos behind The Economics of Seinfeld. My undergraduate degree is in Political Science and, while I probably haven’t “used” the degree in the normal sense, I feel that the experience vastly improved my life.

In college I studied abroad twice (summer school in both cases), once in Latvia, at Vidzeme University-College and once in Estonia, at Tartu University (which, interestingly enough, is the second-oldest Swedish university). The Baltic countries are wonderful, I highly recommend a visit.

I live in Montana and recently returned from living in Santiago, Chile, where a friend and I participated in Startup Chile. I enjoy hiking, camping, and cycling with my girlfriend in my free time. We plan to take up mountain biking as well, provided we can find room to store more bikes. One of these winters we’re also going to work up the courage to go skiing on real mountains. Maybe. I am also the proud papa of a wonderful little black cat named Nutma.

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